The Welder Chic is a welding fabrication business combining unique & distinctive metal work with functionality & artistic style from the classic to the ornate.

The Welder Chic is available for whatever metal projects you have in mind. We specialize in aluminum, stainless steel and other less common metals. Open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (and occasionally later when the work demands) Monday through Friday. A call ahead is always appreciated. Most jobs are $75/hour, with a minimum charge of $40 on small jobs. Check out the gallery to see pictures of past projects!

Hourly Welding Rental Room Now Open!!,

Do you wish there was a space where you could create your metal masterpieces without having to buy all the expensive equipment and find room for it?

There is! The Welder Chic has a mini shop available for you to rent by the hour. It includes a wire feed welder, drill press, chop saw, grinder, oxy-acetylene torch, propane torch and more.

Email or call today for more information!